Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let it Hang Like a Bruise

Mom and Jim at a Holiday Meal

Yesterday I wrapped another band-aid around my finger that would not stop bleeding. It’s a small cut on the joint of my index finger. It will heal.
It forced me to think about the open wound I’ve lived with since November 2010. The bleeding, aching, oozing pain that Jim’s death created. Yet I may have developed the first layer of a scab--brittle and thin but strong enough to hang some hope. Perhaps in the months and years ahead the scab will toughen and the pain will not be raw and bloody.
My hope is that this horrible wound will some day hang like a bruise for that is the best I can imagine when I think about my little brother’s place at the table always sitting empty.


  1. Ann, such a poignant post. I can only imagine the pain of losing Jim. Keep writing and healing!

  2. What a thought-provoking and hopeful analogy. I love the title, too. The image of an empty place at the table is heartbreaking. Well done, Annie, well done.

  3. Annie, you are adorable. So are your friends.

    Expressing your grief is a courageous act of healing and a gift to those who are privileged to share.

    Cheers and love.