Monday, May 20, 2013

A Proper Guest Room

When my good friend Allison planned a visit to Columbia for this past weekend I told her that she would be the first to sleep in my new but very old Murphy bed. Allison and I share, in addition to a dear and meaningful friendship, a love of eating with our sterling silver, sleeping on freshly ironed sheets, and other old-fashioned luxuries. In typical Allison fashion, she quipped: “Emily Post suggests spending a night in your own guest bedroom to find if anything your guests need might be missing.” I told Allison she’d once again have to be my Emily Post.

The Murphy bed is over 200 years old. For many years it was in the attic of my Great Grandmother’s home in Columbia for use when her family members would come for summer visits from Palmyra, Missouri. In the late 1970s my Mom had it refinished and we used it for extra bed space at our lake cabin. At some point, my cousin Garry Banks, moved it in his home but due to downsizing, he asked my Mom if she wanted it back. I volunteered to be the latest keeper of the family Murphy bed.

I enjoyed preparing her room before her Saturday arrival. I even managed to incorporate the awkward elliptical machine (note: always for sale, shoot me your best offer) that is in the room as a part of the guest bedroom decor, thinking “every traveler needs a quick work out.” I selected several albums for her listening pleasure and had fresh cut Irises adding a lovely scent to the air.

I’m now taking reservations for the summer season. Allison left me this message in the nonexistent guestbook.

When checking in to any popular Boone County B & B one expects to find well lit and well appointed rooms with beautiful decor and comfortable amenities, but nothing compares to the magnificent antique Murphy bed found in Ann’s guest room. It stands majestic with a lovely filigree and other simple adornments and yet folds down into a most comfortable place to spend a night of soothing sleep, nestled on a down pillow encased by a freshly ironed cotton pillow case.  The room also holds a sitting area, stereo and even a state of the art elliptical machine. Already looking forward to the next time!”--Allison Ricks, May 19, 2013