Thursday, January 5, 2012

A River of Stones

"The Turning Point"
Acrylic on Canvas,  30" x 40"
by John P. Lackey
Provenance: Personal Collection of A. Rogers
For more information:

My friend Madeline Sharples (Leaving the Hall Light On, Lucky Press, 2011) invited me to participate in a River of Stones, January 2012. 
Today, I would like to invite you. It’s a bit belated but just as sincere as if I sent you a card in the mail last week. Please consider participating in this New Year’s challenge that offers immediate satisfaction and no competition. It can be personal, or if the inkling strikes, the Stone may be shared on the River of Stones website.
The exercise is simple: notice something every day and write it down. That’s all. Next, if inclined, make this “something” into a Small Stone, which is a short piece of writing (usually a couple of sentences) of prose or poetry that captures a simple mystical moment each day. I’ve found the experience of finding that Small Stone more rewarding than the actual writing. It encourages me to pay attention; this morning I marveled in the way the brown liquid stream filled my coffee cup and the sounds from my dogs circling my writing desk in anticipation of breakfast. Neither will be my Stone for the day but the engagement and awareness of my world around me is increasing each day. What a positive reward on a very small investment of time!
As of today, my Small Stones sit on scraps of paper scattered around my home. I haven’t posted any to the blog nor have I added them to my journal. The latter will be my first step this morning. Regardless of what I “do” with my Stones, the oft-talked about experience of “being present” can be practiced through this exercise by children, teenagers, and adults alike. 

For me, it is a wonderful reminder that God is in the details.
For more information on a River of Stones, join the Facebook page for daily reminders: or go directly to their website:


  1. Nice! An excellent idea. One of my resolutions is to pay closer attention to small details. This offers an interesting way to do just that. Good one, Annie!

  2. Thanks, LD! You are a prime candidate for this journey. We could even have a sharing Stones session toward in the end of the month!

  3. Great idea, Annie. Count me in...especially now that my creative writing nook has been completed!

  4. I'm so glad you accepted my invitation. I wrote stones last January and got so much value out of it. I'm on my way to write today's stone now.
    Thanks for mentioning me and my book.

  5. Loved your stone today, about not wanting to grow up. (Who wants to be a boulder anyway? ;D )

  6. Colette--thanks for stopping by with your kind words. I decided to start posting my stones on the website a couple of days ago. Why not, I thought? and Madeline, yes, it's valuable and also fun! Thanks again for the prompt.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving your kind comment.
    I love your stone for today, as I too am an aging BEAUTY, and proud of it!