Sunday, April 22, 2012

Want More Bird's Nests?

Wild Bird Nesting Fiber
100% Natural Alpaca

This Sunday morning, I found four bird nests in my back yard, erasing any guilt (that I didn’t have) for not joining my family in church. Three hummingbird nests, all with eggs, are buried in foliage along my fence. The robin’s nest, high up in a tree, is a hopping little home right now. I’ve spotted at least three baby beaks reaching for food and an attentive mama bird. She sat on the nest for a couple of hours early morning warming her babies in the cool air and wind. Later, she was off gathering food. The first time back she wasn’t suspecting me and I was able to catch a couple of images of her feeding the young. I tried for a better photo and she flew off instantly. I’m done Mama Robin, please return to your previously scheduled program.
The four nests have something in common: strands of alpaca wool are woven in each nest thanks to an alpaca bird nesting ball I put out in late February. It was purchased at McAdams Ltd. in Columbia, Mo. ($9) but the website for the small, mid-Missouri business, Alpacas d'Auxvasse, sells the ball for $10.50, shipping included. The Wild Bird Nesting Fiber is ready to hang in a tree after pulling bits of the Alpaca through the netting.
It’s a great addition to a back yard and also a worthy gift idea for a very reasonable price. The company’s website,, explains:
"Alpacas d'Auxvasse is a small farm just east of Auxvasse, MO. Breeding Suri and Huacaya Alpacas for quality fiber and conformation is not enough. Focusing on raising healthy, happy, FRIENDLY alpacas, is a priority. I don't want to watch my animals from afar - I want to be a welcome part of their lives.I raise my animals to have as beautiful a disposition as they do fiber and conformation."
My Note: Keep alpaca balls from the reach of dogs lest potential destruction.

Robin Feeding Baby
(Click image to see detail.)
Hummingbird Nest

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