Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freshly Ironed Sheets, with Love from Mom

Mom utilizes two presses so she can more efficiently iron sheets.

My Mom genuinely thrives on doing special things for her children. 
I’m blessed and fortunate that my mother is still living. Since my father’s death almost six years ago I know the wretched pain of losing a parent. That said, I am so lucky that Mom is healthy and we live only a few miles apart--in both of our hometowns. She’s a spectacular person who like most fine things only gets better with age.
Mom is the master of the ironing press. Recognizing this might sound like gloating: I sleep on exquisite ironed sheets every night! It is a heavenly experience and once there, impossible to go back to everyday linens. Since her accident in May my used sheets continue to pile up; I’m down to two sets of previously ironed sheets. Mom does it all--bottom sheet, top sheet, and pillow cases. It’s a craft. The final version looks like a piece of artwork.
A friend once told me that Jackie O insisted on freshly ironed sheets every day, even if she only took a nap. When I relayed this to my Mom who is no fan of the Kennedy clan, she immediately responded: “Then you certainly deserve ironed sheets.”
I’m off to take my pile of used sheets to the dry cleaner even though Mom found their work only adequate. Several weeks ago I caught her at her press trying to correct the spots where the “professionals” missed.
Ah.... the guilty pleasure!

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