Thursday, March 24, 2011

The High Cost of Being Sick

It's more than a can of Chicken Noodle Soup. Even with health insurance--the co-pay on the appointment, the medications prescribed, the lost time from work, not to mention the premium paid each month for the ability to be sick--the price of being sick takes its toll.

Being healthy is work but work with a genuine reward. It starts in my heart and a desire to treat myself with care. The co-pay has already been made on bicycles, tennis gear, and mother nature charges nothing for trails and outdoor air. Good, organic, non-processed food has a price tag similar to carry out, it is just a bit more work to prepare myself. And health allows, even begs for a time-out as meditation, relaxation, or prayer time is a necessary ingredient to good health.

Most everyone has some health challenges, whether they be physical, immunological, emotional, or some of all. But being healthy is about being a first-rate version of ourselves while leaving the comparisons to others behind.

Happy is Healthy and it is a daily adventure.

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  1. Yup -- exactly right. It takes work staying healthy, but it's well worth it.
    Thanks, Annie.