Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mama Cats Rock

Possum snuggling with her new kittens 45 minutes after birth.

The story of two kittens born, which happens entirely too often, has captured my imagination and heart. Critter and Sir J are my niece and nephew kittens born to my dearest friend's (also Ann/ie) formerly feral cat. When Possum arrived at her house, Ann fell for the sweet cat, but within a few weeks, discovered she was pregnant. Possum hit the jackpot--a loving home, a BARF (bones and raw foods) diet, and someone I consider a dog whisperer to welcome the cat to the menagerie of dogs and cats living under Ann's roof.

It may not be the Grand Canyon or Stonehenge but for me it is truly a wonder of nature. Following birth, Mama Cat chewed the umbilical cord off the kittens and quickly ate the placenta. Then, Possum licked and licked and licked until her babies were dry balls of fur. Within 45 minutes, the kittens were embraced in Possum's arms, suckling their first meal.

Side Note: Ann, Mama Cat, Sir J, and Critter are happy and healthy. All three will be spayed/neutered--no Toms or Queens will be perpeutating the epidemic of cat overpopulation. Afterall, very few cats would be as lucky as Possum. She showed up at the right door in northern Florida.

Sir James the Duke of Old Town moments after birth

Critter the Calico still in the birth process

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