Friday, March 4, 2011

The Way We Were

l to r: Jim, Me, Dad, Mom, Hartley, Mary, and John

This picture was snapped in my parent’s yard a few months before my father died in the summer of 2005.  Jim’s on the far left with his arm around me, it was the last picture of all of us together and accordingly, is precious.

We were 7 for so many years. We are still 7 in my mind though 2 of my main men have gone to the afterlife. I’ve learned to believe in an afterlife; of course I don’t know what it is but who really does?  I take comfort hearing stories of near death experiences as they have so many commonalities: light, lots and lots of warm light! A tunnel perhaps, but still more light; from many reports the faces of loved ones emerge.

Again, who knows? But the thought of a welcoming warmth and light and the chance to see my loved ones again brings hope. I can have faith. I do have faith. But all of us will have to wait to find out when our time comes.

This weekend, I will be with my family of 7-- 5 of us in flesh.  We all have experienced different journeys since Jim’s untimely death. This quote from an unknown source speaks volumes and I plan to share it when everyone is together.

“In this loss, as I draw strength from my family, I also acknowledge and honor the fact that we each grieve in our own way.”

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