Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rogers Family Lecture Series--Dr. Marcus Borg

The Rogers Family Lecture series is a way for our family, and the community that has so generously donated to the effort, to honor the lives of my father, David B. Rogers (1941-2005), and my brother James Lewis Rogers (1976-2010), in a meaningful way. The lecture series was established in 2005 and the first lecture was held in February 2007 with renowned Missouri historian Bob Priddy speaking, reflective of my dad’s love of Missouri history. The Marcus Borg lecture series comes from a passion of both our church and our family’s interest in exploring faith, feeling free to question and seek, and studying how the historical Jesus and science need not contradict the Bible if explored in a nonbinding, fresh-viewed way. Marcus Borg has made a difference in my life since I first discovered him in 1995, helping to make sense of theological and life questions that needed to be faced by me to have faith in any form. 


Marcus Borg is a theologian and author and among the most widely-known and influential voices in progressive Christianity. In his own words:

Marcus Borg on Christianity and other major religions:
I don't want to deny the uniqueness of Christianity. I want to speak of the uniqueness of Christianity, as well as Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism. They are all unique in the sense that they are not exactly alike. But what I'm affirming is that beneath their differences is this common path of transformation. For me, seeing that all the major enduring religions know this path of transformation gives Christianity much more credibility than if it were to claim to know something that no other religion had ever known.

Marcus Borg on death:
Well, the answer is that I'm convinced when we die we die into God, but I don't know what that means in terms of survival of a personal identity or reincarnation. I'm not inclined to believe in reincarnation, but I have no idea what happens after death.

Marcus Borg on his personal faith:
So why am I Christian? The biggest reason is that it feels like home to me in a way no other religion could. Beyond that, I greatly admire the richness of the Christian tradition.

Please join us for any or all of the lectures on the weekend of March 25-27, 2010 regardless of your religious path or lack of one. This is not an evangelical event at all, and I can promise that this man will make a person ponder many things. He’s a fascinating speaker that will leave you thinking. All lectures are free and open to the public.

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  1. Thank you for providing this gift to the community! I am looking forward to hearing Dr. Borg once again at FCC, Columbia. I will be bringing a group of men from my church.